What should I do to prepare for the Audition?

1) You must fill out an audition form on the right and download an Audition Packet for the instrument you are interested in auditioning on. NOTE: There is a $20 charge for each Audition Packet downloaded, payable thru Paypal. 2)Practice!! One of the key traits that MCM looks for is confidence. You can’t be confident if you don’t know your stuff! The audition process will also include visual elements. You are encouraged to also practice playing on the move.

Can I be in Mystique and in college also?

Absolutely. You are encouraged to have a job or be in school while participating as a performer in Mystique. Mystique rehearsals are held only during the weekend. Rehearsals start at 9:00 PM on Friday and will end at 2:00 PM on Sunday.

Can I be a high school student and be a member of Mystique?

A Winter Guard International Policy created in 1996 reads:

WGI discourages independent units from utilizing membership composed of any high school students who were previously enrolled in an active indoor percussion high school program and have not yet graduated.
Music City Mystique will in no way recruit students from local high school programs that have a competitive indoor percussion program. Mystique believes that by helping the local high school programs grow that all organizations will prosper in the future. If your current high school program does NOT have an indoor percussion ensemble then you are welcome to audition for a spot with MCM.

Participating in auditions is a great way to learn new techniques and understand what is expected as a member in an independent organization. Everyone is welcome to audition, even if you are participating in your high school’s indoor drumline.

How much does it cost?

There is a one-time Audition Fee of $60. If you attend the October clinic, your $15 clinic fee will be applied towards this Audition Fee.  Membership dues are $1400 (Returning members receive a discount on their dues). Payment due dates are scheduled throughout the season for those who cannot pay in one lump sum. Fundraising opportunities will be given throughout the season. MCM does everything possible to manage expenses to keep dues as low as possible. Our instructional and support staff largely donate their time. Unfortunately, with soaring costs of fuel, food, etc. MCM cannot offer any scholarships or leeway on paying dues. Dues must be paid in full on the required due date or you will be dismissed from the ensemble.

What other expenses do we have throughout the year?

Not included in the membership dues are expenses like a Mystique jacket (app. $90) and any shoes needed for your performance. Some meals, during camps and out of town trips are provided, but for the most part, you will be responsible for your meals.

Do you provide housing?

Mystique does NOT provide housing during the standard weekend camps. However, once the ensemble is set, MCM will help make arrangements to try to ensure that members all have a place to stay for camp weekends. NOTE: For open audition weekends, if necessary, you will need to make your own housing arrangements. For out-of-town performances, MCM will provide housing. Most of the time we sleep in a high school gymnasium which has complete shower facilities. Housing during the week is your responsibility. Often many members opt to get an apartment together while they work or go to school.

What is the rehearsal and performance schedule for the season?

After auditions, there are rehearsals and/or performances every weekend for the duration of the season. Click here to download a spreadsheet of the 2010/2011 season rehearsal/performance/dues payment schedule. NOTE: This is subject to change depending on changes in practice venues, additional performances, etc.

Can I still teach a high school program?

It is our hope that performers from Mystique would have an interest in teaching high school groups in the area. Often there are many opportunities. Becoming part of Music City Mystique, you will realize all members involved make many sacrifices. One is the sacrifice of time.

Attendance at camps is mandatory. Even with teaching other groups, one must understand that you have made a commitment to be a performer in Mystique. School related activities that are a part of the grade for the class, and family emergencies have been excused in the past. Time management of your family, school, work, and social schedules need to allow you to attend every rehearsal.